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Outleft Art was a collaborative short-term exhibition space led by Manufacturer's Village Artists and Luma Art Advisory and held in the Madison Ave Business District of New York City.

Our mission was to increase the exposure of New Jersey artists for pivotal career growth. In our endeavors, we partnered with Madison Avenue BID to organize community programming which included hosting network receptions for local businesses and participating in their district's art walk for maximum audience reach.

Three visual artists across different global regions depict the migration experience of fleeting memories, multicultural assimilation, and ancestral archiving. Becoming is a study of the international migrant city of Newark, NJ, a microcosm of cities across the globe, and where the trio's studios reside.


Becoming is an exploration of a cross-continental cultivation of identity, and its enriching benefit of cultural exchange.

Matilda Forsberg's paintings juxtapose renderings of family portraits and recurring familiar terrains in mystified dream sequences of fleeting images of one’s ancestral home.


Kwesi O. Kwarteng's fabric paintings utilize various culturally significant fabrics and sewing methods to compose topographical maps and multicultural flags in a tale of a multicultural identity brought about by globalization. 


Layqa Nuna Yawar creates iconography of the migrant experience by referencing indigenous mythologies with modern portraits of individuals from the diaspora in the story of preserving cultural heritage in a globalized world. 

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