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A Cultivated Identity by Migration

Matilda Forsberg

Kwesi O. Kwarteng

Layqa Nuna Yawar


Curated by

Luma Art Advisory

Three visual artists across disparate regions of the globe compose a visual language of migration and its experience of fleeting memories, adapting a multicultural identity and ancestral archiving. 


Becoming is a study on the axis of a migrant city as the trio of artists' studio practice resides in Newark. New Jersey’s populous city of international migrants. A microcosm to cities across the globe. 


Becoming is an exploration of a cross-continental lineage of identity.

It’s a tale of cultural exchange and its enrichment of a community.



Origin: Sweden

image1 (1).jpeg

Matilda Forsberg's juxtaposed renderings of family photographs, reoccurring dream settings, and terrains of her travels are a capsule of life’s events. Forsberg's abstract approach to figuration creates a mystified dream sequence of combined images of the fading past with new experiences.

Kwesi O.


Origin: Ghana

Kwesi Kwarteng.jpg
Image credit: Teolinda Azzizi

Kwesi O. Kwarteng's fabric paintings utilize various culturally significant fabrics and sewing methods to composite topographical maps and multicultural flags. Kwarteng’s practices are patterns of globalization's stimulus to demographic changes by the growing population of migrants in meccas across the world.


Nuna Yawar

Origin: Ecuador

Image credit: Chrystofer Davis

Layqa Nuna Yawar creates modern iconography by combining indigenous mythology with contemporary artmaking methods. Yawar’s portraits are a double consciousness of cultural assimilation of a new country and ancestral archiving of the old country in a celebration of diaspora identity.

Becoming, exhibited in May 2022 at the 6-month pop-up gallery space, Out Left Art, in the Upper East Side neighborhood of Manhattan. Out Left Art was a collaborative exhibition program between the collective Manufacturer's Village Artists based in East Orange, NJ, and Luma Art Advisory. 


Luma Art Advisory managed community affairs and was the rotating coordinating manager of exhibition programs.


Out Left Art exhibited artists based in New Jersey, “left” of the New York art mecca.


The program’s agenda was to broaden the exposure of phenomenal artists of the Garden State by curating thoughtful exhibitions that told stories of our communities.  

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